Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting Back Into The Blog Thing

So a bunch of stuff has been happening in our little family sense I have last blogged. Trev has finished yet another semester at Weber State and he is doing so well. He has never gotten under 3.6 GPA(knock on wood), and I am so proud of him. His is currently doing a summer semester as well. Also another big exciting thing, is that he received a Full ride scholarship for next yr. woot woot.
Max is growing up so fast. He is going to be 4 in late July, and he is super smart. We have been working with him on his reading and numbers and he is doing so well. Trev is much better to teaching him then I am. He is almost at a First Grade level in his reading, and he can count to 25. He is rally working hard and I am so proud of him. Also he is so proud, cuz he now has his phone# memorized.
Not allot going on with me at this time. I am thinking about going to school. There is an Interior Design Program at Weber and I have always been into Home Decor, and Architectural design, Etc. I was just recently put in as a Nursery leader, and of all the callings I have had, this is my Fav. I hope all is well with everyone, we love you. XOXOXO

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fun with De Plains

Sorry we have been MIA for so long.

So Trev had exactly one week off between Spring Semester end, and Summer semesters starting, so we decided that we would take Max to the Plain Museum at HAFB. Here are some pics.
Thanks for coming with us Grandma Lu!