Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Max's First Emergancy Room Visit. What a Trooper!

So Last night was an odd one. When we got home from my B-day dinner, it was about 10:40. Something Prompted me to rush up to look in on Max before heading up to talk to Papa Breon and Grandma Sherline. I had noticed that his light was on, which was not unusual for him, but when I opened the door to his room, and he was sitting in bed crying and having a really hard time getting a breath in. At first we thought maybe he swallowed something and it was restricting his airway, but when we got to the hospital the nurse reassured us that Croop ofter comes on super fast, at night when they are sleeping. He did so good, and by the time we left, he had all the nurses eating out of his hand. He is such a little flirt. And soon after he received the meds, he looked at me with a glazed over smile and said "Mommy, I feel good." He also went and had some E-rays done and was so excited to see his skeleton. After that, they did and breathing treatment on him and he did so good. He loved the Darth Vador Mask, and that was so good to him. Sometimes the meds that they put in the treatment make there heart rate so up for a while. Lets just say that it gave him the shakes pretty good, and it freaked mommy out a little. All in all we all survived.
Here is a pic from the Camera Phone.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I was tagged. Where Were You

Tara, I am so so sorry.
I absolutely love reading your blogs, and I don't know how, but I totally skipped over your Tag Blog. I hope I do this goes.

20 Yrs ago
1.I was Six and had just started Kindergarten at Lake Ridge Elementary. I was super shy, and the first day to make my grand entrance I ended up lost on the wrong side of the building. To hurry, I started running down this big hill and ran right into a tether Ball poll and knocked myself out. It broke my glasses. The only thing I can remember is Angela Hofheins finding me to take me to the office. What a great first day.
2.I was the cutest nerd, I wore thick Glasses and I had a lazy eye so the Doc made my mom patch the other eye while at school. It was great. I need to find those pictured and burn them.
3.Back then I was mostly hanging out with Emily Rhea. We would take over my parents unfinished basement, and turn it in to whatever we could think of at that time. Stores, our houses. I remember playing up at the Kitchen Bar and pretending to be Reggis and Kathy Lee. I had to be Reggis, yes I am still bitter about that. :) We had so much fun.

10 yrs. ago
1.I was a sophomore at Cyprus High. That was a BIG year for me, I was driving, and went on my first date with B.J. Huff. We went to Applebee's and what was then the Fun Dome to play Lazar Tag (I was so BAD). All and all, it was a good first date.
2.I don't remember having a real set group that I hung out with at that time, but I do remember every morning going to the Pirate Cove and getting Donuts and then non-diet Dr. Pepper. Oh so healthy I was. Then while waiting for the first class to start, my "group" and I would all sit around and copy each others homework waiting for the bell.
How simple life was back then.
3. I don't remember that year being full of to many extra things, but I do remember Laura Bucker and I Driving around on her moms little blue Dodge Neon, listening to Insync and Backstreet Boys. We would drive past the homes of all the boys that Laura liked at that time, and we did it over and over and over for hours. It was Awesome!

5 yrs. ago
1. Trev and I had been Married just over a year, and we had just moved from Trev's Bachelor Pad to a six-plex in the Avenues. I will never forget that apt. for as long as I live. The people had an interesting interior decorating style. They had painted the Wood Flooring White over brown over Blue, and then back to white again, Bad! The walls were also white, but the what should have been beautiful molding was painted Purple and Pink and Green. Also bad. It did have some awesome Stain Glass. I think that was my first taste of interior design, the landlord told me that if I would fix that apt then he would take off the deposit. I was in my element, but it took forever and we ate more money then Trev would have liked, and spent so much more then what deposit would have been. But it paid off because the landlord asked us to do the apt across the hall, where we did the same thing, spent way to much time and ate way to much money. Poor Trev.
2.At that time I was not working and that is about it. Lets call that my slacker year.
3.One thing that Trev and I loved doing was walking up to the SLC cemetery at night. It was so scary, I loved it.

3 Yrs. ago
1.We were Living in our house in Taylorsville, I loved that house. That was just an odd year, I hear a lot of people say that things happen in three's, well that year it happened in fives. We had just had Max #1, my dad was diagnosed with Melanoma, and Trevor's Cousin Seth passed away around that time. Not to mention the 3 times our house was broken into, one of which Max and I were home for. That was a big year for re-evaluating and counting our blessings.
2.At that time Trev was working at O'currance and I was at Usana. I loved that job until the day I became a mom, then I was blessed with a better one.
3. At that time we were spending a lot more time with our ward. I had just been put in as the Primary Secretary, and I loved the kids and the ladies that I was able to work next to. In spite of those stupid break-ins that was a really fun neighborhood.

1 yr ago
1. This was also a Big year for us, Trev had just decided to back to school, and I was adapting to not having my family as close a five minutes away.
2. We were then, and still are living with Trev's dad and step-mom while we finish this school thing. We can't thank them enough, it has been an awesome opportunity.
3. Even though it has been hard for me to not be in the place that I grew up, I have loved being closer to Trev's family. I didn't realize how much time we didn't spend with them. It's so nice for Max because Brock and Alissa come over every Monday, and Max gets some cousin time as well, not to mention that we get Trev a lot more then when he had a job.

This Yr So Far.
1.We are still at Breon and Sherline's house, Trev has started his 2nd year at school. And financially, things are going all right.
2.Max and I spend a lot of mommy and me time together. My mom likes to come up as much as she can, and Max and I go to SLC every Friday and spend the night at Grandma Lu's. Max also loves going to Grandma Jana's for his bath once a week. We only have a shower, and so we take him to her house to have some bath play time.
3.We spend a lot of time with Trev's long time Friends Dan and Sharann. They are some of the nicest, most loyal friends anyone could have. They are so good to us, and Max absolutely loves them.

1.Max and I played dinosaurs.
2.We worked on potty training.
3.Trev was so blessed to be able to go grocery shopping with us. I have never seen him look so stressed out.

3.Potty training...again (one day this will not be on my list, YA)

1.Finishing laundry, I hope.
2.NOT working on potty training
3.My mom and I are going to the Temple

Next year.
1.I am hoping to be down to a comfortable weight.
2.Hoping to be transitioning out of our school life and into our new life.
3.Working on growing our family.

I tag Krissly Carter, Kati Jo, Mom, Mike and Rachel, Carmen Eggers.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Slow But Steddy. Wk 3, WW

So we went to our Week Three yesterday and I lost 2.2 pounds again. These seem like such small numbers, but I figured it out, and if it continue at this pace I will be able to where the same jeans I was wearing last Thanksgiving, this Thanksgiving. So it's all good, I'm happy with these totals. Thanks again for all your thoughts, they mean so much to me.
Trev sent this comic to me, I thought it would be fun to add.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grandma's and Grandpa's

For the most part I have had such a fun time watching my family grow up and mature. My sister's are practically adults now, and my brother will graduate from high school this year, and cousins that I loved hanging out with are all mommy's and Daddy's now. But I have to say it is heart breaking to watch Grandma's and Grandpa's get old. One thing in particular that my family is dealing with at this moment is, my dad's mom (Grandma Schroeder, bottom pic, right side) was just recently was Diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and this weekend had a few fall's. She is loosing her memory and strength fast, and she is just all around uncomfortable. I understand that this is a part of life, and that this is the Plan that has been laid out for her. I think the thing that makes me the saddest is how easy it is to take these sweet, and so wise people for granted. I just wanted to say how much we love all of the Grandma's and Grandpa's that we get to have in our lives.
We Tip our Hat to You!

So Far So Good, Week 2, Weight Watchers

So yesterday was my 2nd week at Weight Watchers, and I lost 2.2 pounds. I realize that is not much, but considering I was consistently gaining the last time I was attending, that is pretty good. Thanks for all the words of encouragement, it really does help.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

WIsh Me Luck!

So I have started Weight Watchers......again! If you can believe it, this will be my third time. I have started so many times the ladies didn't even make me do the first time class...because they new me from the last times :)".
So I hope you don't mind, but I am going to start keeping a sorta journal about it. I am hoping that if I am think people that I know will be reading about how well I am doing, I will keep trying! Don't worry this will still be our family blog. I will keep you posted, and post pics periodically. Wish Me Luck.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thinking of Seth

Today we are Honoring the Memory of a dear member of our family. Seth Ferrin was always so full of life, and every time we saw him he put a smile on our faces.
Seth and Angie have four adorable and well behaved Boys and the Cutest little 3 year old girl. The day he passed was full of doing what he did best, being a Family Man. Seth, you are missed like crazy, and we all look forward to being with you again.
Angie and the Kids, we love you.